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I’m Josh Titus, the pretty picture maker

I create all the meaningful little pictures, to help you achieve the big picture.


The elevator pitch

Designer by trade with over 15 years experience creating winning visual solutions for both digital and print. Creative team player with experience managing, collaborating, and inspiring teams of artists, designers, developers, and animators.

I’ve been an artist since the first day I could hold a pencil. Back then it was drawing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Today, it’s diving into all kinds of creative endeavors to continually grow my skill sets.

titus-creative art direction_2.gif

Art direction

I specialize in art direction for brands, bringing ideas to life with stunning visuals. Whether a digital or print project, my skills in art direction can help elevate your brand's message and bring it to a whole new level.

What my toolbox holds

I’ve been an Adobe kid at heart ever since I first touched Photoshop all those years ago. I’ve managed to expand my collection of tools significantly since then. Here's some of my every-day-carry.


  • Creative Cloud

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • InDesign

  • Dimension

  • Lightroom

  • After Effects

  • Google Workspace


  • Content Management Systems

  • Basic hosting server management

  • HTML / CSS

    front-end editors


  • Google Workspace

  • Microsoft suite

  • Trello

  • Monday

  • Air

  • Slack

  • Canva


Where I fit in

I have experience supporting in-house teams of various sizes and contracting my skills to supplement businesses of all sizes.

In-house team member

  • Art Director, Senior Designer

  • Full-time, remote.

  • Collaborate and inspire creative teams to repeatedly exceed stakeholder expectations.

  • Optimize production workflows, reduce roadblocks, and decrease turn-around times.

  • Provide oversight to ensure goal-oriented and creatively consistent asset development.

  • Determine project needs, develop project plans, and produce effective visual solutions.

  • Establish and promote brand guidelines, best practices, and visual standards.

Contracted freelance

  • Creative partner

  • Part-time, remote.

  • Amplifying clients’ vision into unique creative solutions through clear roadmaps.

  • Executing multitudes of marketing collateral to help communicate your message.

  • Proactively maintaining positive client relationships and satisfaction.

  • Increasing your customer engagement through meaningful and attractive solutions.

  • Saving you money by developing within budget, and finding streamlined solutions.

Who I am

I live in downtown Denver, Colorado with my wife, Stacey, and our black cat, Cash. We love taking long weekends out into the beautiful mountains during the warmer months. Whether hiking up a mountain, camping with friends in a secluded forest, or just lounging by a peaceful stream, we always feel recharged and creatively inspired by the natural beauty around us.


During the weekdays, Cash is my constant companion when I’m working in my design studio. He’s always finding new ways to 'help' me work by lying on my keyboard or knocking my pens and sketches onto the floor.


In my free time, I spend some nights practicing and performing bass guitar in a local band named The Chillsbury Doughboys. Music opens so many creative ways of thinking for me. I love playing live shows in a packed club, vibing off the energy of a crowd. It's a feeling I'll always cherish and strive to recreate in both my personal and professional life.

Looking for a creative partner?

I'm ready to make powerful creative solutions for you.

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